Honeycomb HR Consulting

Evolving HR through better processes, systems & change management
Structured. Precise. Efficient HR Solutions for an HR service that simply works.
Why Honeycomb?

Honeycomb represents structure, efficiency, strength, cooperation and adaptability. The hallmarks of the way I believe HR services should be.

I am passionate about helping HR departments to operate smoothly, so that they can truly partner with the business strategically, whilst critical HR services, systems & administration simply… work.

About me

Nat Backhouse

Hi - I am Nat. I am an experienced HR professional with over 15 years broad and detailed experience in improving the way HR enables the business. Process, Systems, Change Management all play their part in ensuring an efficient and impressive HR service.

How can I help you?

HR Systems

I can support you with choosing the right system, implementation project support, or reviewing enhancements after you have gone live.

Process Design

I have designed hundreds of processes for clients. It is essential to have these detailed & defined to support any change to your ways of working.

Change Management

I can advise, design or lead your change management effort, ensuring you achieve the change you planned for.

Shared Services

I'm passionate about what shared services can achieve as an essential and efficient player in your HR operating model. I bring experience from several clients helping them set up Shared Service Centres across Europe, Asia & the Americas.

HR Healthcheck

I offer a tailored healthcheck to help you identify options for enhancement, and to quantify how these could bring efficiency to your HR service delivery.

Business Case Preparation

I can support you as you build a business case for project work, including benchmarking of processes and roles in your team.

Recommendations from LinkedIn
Nat was always a positive influence on any project. Able to see the bigger picture and come up with innovative, effective solutions. A joy to work with with.
Nat was a consultant on a project when implementing global HR processes. As a customer I really appreciated his professionalism, deep knowledge in the HR areas and especially the Compensation environment and his dedication to deliver with quality on time and follow-up to secure things were going as planned.
Nat is someone who has always approached change... with an appetite to dig in and lead the charge. That’s invaluable and a quality that I greatly admire in him. Nat is able to distil complex scenarios into a framework that addresses the primary concern for most stakeholders: "what's in it for me?" He's a solutions oriented, highly collaborative team leader and is always willing to roll up his sleeves to help the team.
Nat consulted with us on our HR Evolution project particularly around process design. He brought pragmatism and thoughtful insight. He challenged us on the right things, and did so constructively. His past experience meant that he could relate to our challenges and coached effectively to find smart ways of managing them. He is calm, collected and eminently approachable.